School will finish on Friday 21st July at 2:00pm


We have many ways to reward the children in our school for all the effort and hard work they put in including spoken and written praise from adults and teachers, reward stickers and certificates. The most important thing about our school and the rewards we have is that they have to be earned.

Team Points

In our school every child is in a team – Red, Blue, Green or Yellow and they work hard to earn points for behaviour, effort, contribution, and achievement. This encourages the children to play their part in a larger team across the school and to work together for the benefit of others. At the end of each calendar month in school we add up all the points from the youngest to the oldest children and we have a winner. This winning team gains one point towards the end of the year reward and then we start again.

Each class also have individual winners for the most points collected in each class and these children receive a certificate. If they collect more than 3 of these certificates then each child who has earned it is rewarded at the end of the year.

Special Mentions

Each week we have a Special Mention Assembly. Each teacher hosts an assembly and every child has the chance to be nominated for a Special Mention. The children share their achievements with the rest of the school.

Star of the Week

Each week we have Star of the Week in our Monday assembly. Each class teacher chooses a Star of the Week who receives a certificate with their photo on along with the reason for them being chosen. Their certificate is displayed in the hall for a week and they earn 3 team points for themselves and their team.  

Attendance Rewards

Every class in our school has an attendance target and every week we find out who has the highest attendance. The class with the highest attendance get to look after the attendance bear for the whole week.  For every child there is also the chance to earn an attendance reward for the year if they have 100% attendance.