School will finish on Friday 21st July at 2:00pm

Trip to Cannon Hall Farm 

Class One and Two have had a lovely day at Cannon Hall Farm today getting to meet all of the animals 

FS2 Our new topic is ‘ Will you read me a story’

The children have started to look at a different traditional tale each week.  They have explored different textures and materials.                  

They have travelled through the woods and stumbled into the three bear’s cottage. The children investigated different sizes. They have looked at different containers and how to measure porridge. We went on to make it and decided what the best flavour was.


The pupils have loved reading the books in different places around the unit and sharing them with their friends.

The favourite story so far has been the Gingerbread Man. This allowed lots of counting opportunities. We have been counting buttons and matching numbers. We did some cooking and had to count and measure the ingredients. We really enjoyed tasting them. 

Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

This term we have been exploring the topic ‘Why do squirrels hide their nuts? We have been on an autumn walk where we found lots of autumnal materials. 

Percy the Park Keeper

We have been reading a range of Percy the Park Keeper stories by the author Nick Butterworth. In our role play area we have had Percy’s Hut where the children have been dressing up as Percy and woodland animals to act out the stories.

Autumn Mobile Homework

We are so proud of our children for working with their grown-ups at home to create some amazing autumn mobiles made from lots of natural autumnal materials. We have displayed them in our classroom. 


We have been learning about the celebrations of Diwali. During Diwali there is a festival of light, we made tea light holders out of clay and painted them in bright colours. We looked at different Diwali patterns and created our own using glue and brightly coloured sand.

Dragons and Critters

This term we have been exploring the topic ‘Do Dragons Exist?’ We have been on a dragon hunt and followed foot prints to find the dragon eggs. We have looked after the eggs carefully until they hatched and then we went on an expedition to return the dragon babies to their mummy. 

Dragon Homework

We are so proud of our children for working with their grown-ups at home to create such wonderful dragons using many different materials.


All Critters Great and Small

We had a visit from some creepy crawlies and reptiles. We enjoyed looking at them, finding out about them and feeling their different textured bodies.

 Clay Critters

We have been using clay to make our favourite critter that came to visit us.

Can you guess which critter I am?