School will finish on Friday 21st July at 2:00pm

London Parliament Trip

On the 3rd May, children in Class 12 had the fantastic experience of visiting London and the Houses of Parliament. This was a wonderful day and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We made an early start at 7 am in the morning – there were many tired looking faces on the coach on the way down to London. Once we arrived, we were met by John Healey MP who took us to Parliament. Inside, we were greeted by two tour guides who took us on a fascinating tour around which included visits to the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We learnt about the history of Parliament and about the work that the government and other MPs do. After this, we had an ice cream by the Thames and then went on the London Eye. We had a stunning view of London and tried to spot as many sites as possible. Next, we boarded a boat and enjoyed a river boat cruise down the Thames. Our final visit was to Burger King on the way back to Rotherham. We were all very tired but very hungry! This was an unforgettable day and hopefully one that the children who went will remember for the rest of their lives.

Spring 2 2017

This half term, we went back to nature for our ‘Beast Creator’ topic. We visited the RSPB Wetland Centre at Old Moor in Wath and enjoyed pond dipping, bird watching and bug hunting. We found all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures including newts, leeches and centipedes. In English lessons, we read the well-known poem, ‘The Spider and the Fly’ by Mary Howitt, which tells the cautionary tale of a vain fly who falls for the persuasive charms of a spider and ends up becoming his main meal! This book inspired us to produce a range of writing, including letters from the spider persuading Miss Fly to visit him and our own fables featuring invertebrates. In art, we created sewings of spiders webs and included little spiders hanging from them. 

Spring 1 2017

Our topic for this half term was called ‘Stargazers’ which took us on a fascinating journey across the universe. To launch our topic, we invited a star dome in to school. Inside it, we looked at the stars and planets and learnt lots of incredible facts about space. We watched footage of the moon landing and of Tim Peake at the International Space Station.

Autumn 2 2016

In the second autumn half term, Y5 studied the events of the First World War through the topic, ‘Fallen Fields’. We focussed upon life for soldiers living in the trenches and learnt about the horrific conditions they lived and fought in. As part of our learning, we read the book, ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo which tells the moving story of two young brothers who join up to fight together. The ending had us in tears! This wonderful story inspired us to produce some fantastic pieces of writing, which included letters from the trenches, diary entries and newspaper reports of the famous Christmas Truce. In design and technology, we designed and made some models of the trenches and in art, we created poppy calendars for 2017.

Medieval Banquet 

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

During Spring term, the Year 5 topic has been, ‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence.’ This has involved us going back in time to Medieval England and finding out what life was like for different groups in society then. We discovered that this was a dirty and dark time in which to live! Millions of the population lost their lives to a terrible infectious disease known as the Black Death, or plague. There was no successful cure although victims tried almost anything to rid themselves of this painful disease, including, sitting in a sewer, eating crushed emeralds and eating ten year old treacle! Classes 11 and 12 visited the CLC and produced doctor’s leaflets about the Black Death, advising people on the causes, symptoms and cures.


Towards the end of our topic, we visited Conisbrough Castle and braved the snow, rain and wind to discover how the different parts of a castle helped to defend it when it was under attack. We took part in a workshop and looked at, and handled, different medieval artefacts and learnt who these would have belonged to in the castle.


We learnt about the different types of food people ate 700 years ago and wrote our own recipes for ‘Peasant Soup’. We followed two recipes for gingerbread – one from medieval times (this was not very tasty) and a modern-day recipe which we all really liked.

Fallen Fields  

This term, our topic was Fallen Fields. We kick-started our topic by visiting the war memorial at Clifton Park. We discovered that many men from our area lost their lives fighting in both the First World War and the Second World War.


Our class read was ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo. We were moved by this story of one young man’s (Tommy) experiences living and fighting in the trenches during the First World War. We wrote letters home from the trenches and produced newspaper reports about the Christmas Truce.


In Art, the red poppy of the Royal British Legion inspired us to create our own poppy sewings using different types of red fabric to create the petals, and buttons, beads and sequins to add decorative detail.

We had a great day out and have been inspired to make our own fairground rides which move up and down with a cam mechanism.  In art, we have drawn and painted our own carousel horses after studying traditional fairground patterns.