School will finish on Friday 21st July at 2:00pm

Visit to Pops Outdoor Centre

As part of our Tremors topic last half term we decided it would be a good idea to give the children first-hand experience of surviving in the outdoor. On Monday the 5th of June, we went to Pops Outdoor Centre to have a real life Bear Grylls day where the children had to build a bridge and cook pizza in the outdoor Pizza Oven. They has a wonderful day, despite the bad weather.

This term, our topic is called Burps, Bottoms and Bile. It’s a really interesting topic because we are learning about teeth and the digestive system. We have currently been on an educational trip to Eureka where we learned lots of interesting facts and absorbed so much information about how our body works. This became really useful as we are currently writing our own leaflets about why it is important to visit the dentist. We had such an amazing day! 

Did you know eggshell materials are similar to teeth? Crazy right! Well we have conducted our own experiment where we had four cups that contained different liquids. These consisted of coca cola, milk, water and coffee. Inside the cups we then popped in some eggshell which we are leaving there for a week to see how different each piece of shell looks after it’s been in the liquid. We will let you know soon how this experiment goes.

Last term our topic was Potions. We had so much fun doing this topic because we had lots of experimental afternoons. One afternoon we made our own gruesome soap which was messy and quite scary because we put insects in our soap before they set. Don’t worry though, the insects were plastic!

In our English lessons, we did some drama re-in acting the play Macbeth. This was so much fun because we got to dress up! We also looked at play scripts and re-wrote the Macbeth script. This was a historical topic which Class 9 really enjoyed.

Another science experiment we did was an investigation to compare the velocity of liquid. Materials we used were, washing up liquid, shampoo, water, sand and body wash. We used a stopwatch to time how quick, or in some cases, slow the different liquids flowed down a tube which was at the same angle to make the experiment fair. We found out that water was the material that went down the tube the quickest and washing up liquid was the slowest.


Our summer term sees Y4 embarking on a journey down into the depths of the ocean-to the level of the Blue Abyss.

Here they will encounter classics such as -‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson and ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ by Jules Verne both great texts lead to the Blue Abyss topic.

During English they have been reporting about shark attacks and mysteries of the deeps.

Art and DT has seen them designing mosaic fish, creating sea scenes from shells, drift wood, rocks and other sea debris and painting coastal scenes on ceramic tile, which is all great fun as you can see.


Class 9 were very excited to have been invited to the CLC at Rawmarsh Community School last half term where they had the opportunity to create a short infomercial about Mountains. The children needed to know quite a lot about mountains in order to create the short film. They learned how to add pictures and sound as well as share their knowledge about mountains.

It is my pleasure to be able to share one of these with you. We hope you enjoy it.

Visit to the Peak District

These are some of the photographs we took of our day visit to the Peak District. The children learned about their local environment and how it is different from where they live as well as the various different plants that grow there. They also encountered some of the wildlife that frequent the hills and learned about the villages that are now under the lakes. They were also told about the oldest bridge and the longest road.

The rain stayed away until we sat down for lunch but later the sun was shining and everyone was happy. It was quite the adventure.


This half term Year4 (classes 9 and 10) are looking into a topic on POTIONS. This topic is linked to William Shakespeare and one of his famous plays –Macbeth. To kick start this play the classes were invite to a crime scene, there they had to deduce who had done the evil crime. The children really through themselves into the role of detective and produced some fantastic theories about the evidence they found at the crime scene.


Wednesday 9th September saw Year 4 embark on a voyage of discovery at Rotherham's Clifton Park Museum.


There they handled 2000 year old artefacts acquired from the Roman's Templeborough Fort (now under Magna).


Later the children met a Roman soldier who put them through their paces, showing them the equipment they would have used and carried as soldiers and finally instructed them in the fine art of marching as a trained and orderly army.


A good days learning that will help the children in their  future 'I am a warrior' topic.